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How to Craft a Good Sales Pitch?

Selling becomes more difficult than it was a few years ago. People are busy, and it’s hard to reach your ideal client. They are smarter than ever. Now every client can swipe away at their phone to get more information. Cold calling isn’t as effective as it was before. In fact, 61% consider selling harder than it was five years ago.

Pitching an idea and selling it can be a challenging task. So, where do you start, and how do you approach the prospect?

To make a successful sale and build a healthy relationship with your customers follow these tips:

  • Know about the target audience
  • Tell a story to create a connection
  • Focus on benefit
  • Find the perfect hook
  • Include facts & figures
  • Short & Precise
  • Emotional Appeal
  • Keep it conversational, not formal
  • delivering the pitch confidently

Know about the target audience:

Before approaching your ideal client, make sure you know them well, about the company or their interest. Visit their social profiles, and company website to find out their business-specific needs are and how they can relate to your product or service.

Tell a story to create a connection:

Storytelling in business is an impactful way to attract attention. Because everyone loves hearing stories. This can entertain, engage, and educate your audience.

Instead of just selling a product bring value to it by telling how your product makes their life easier, give examples of your product users.

Focus on the benefit:

Your sales pitch should be well prepared and engaging. Include the benefits of customers and avoid selling features while pitching prospects because, at the end of the day, it will be the benefits that give you the best advantages for converting customers.

Let’s take an example- 

A graphic designer pitch:

1.”Our creative team produces attractive logos, business cards, and brochures.”

2. If you want to make your marketing stand out of competition and want to know about the best marketing techniques our creative team can help you.

In 1 example you are just telling the features of your business but the customer has in their mind What’s in it for me? 

So your sales pitch should be like example 2 where you providing benefits that are more important to your customers than feature.

Find the perfect hook:

The market is becoming more and more competitive, it’s getting harder to attract customer’s attention because your ideal customer gets hundreds of messages, calls trying to convince them to buy something.

You have to develop an effective sales hooks that are relevant to your product or services to gain customer’s attention.  

A hook can be a question or a strong statement like…

Example: “You may be losing thousands of dollars and hours by spending too much time on entering data.”

Include facts & figures:

While writing a sales pitch, make sure to include testimonials and case studies that contain facts and figures as evidence of the success of your product. 

It’s a great way to show you can solve their problems and it creates trust between you and your customer and has chances of conversion.

Short & Precise:

In today’s busy lifestyle no one has enough time that they give to someone. So your sales pitch should be short and to the point. 

For Example:

Hi Tom,

I noticed you checked out our case study, “How does CRM improve business process?” Was there something in particular about the case study that you’d like to discuss?

I think that we could help your company save 50% on CRM costs in the same way that we helped Squarehelp Private Ltd. in the case study above.

Do you have 5 minutes to discuss in the next day or so?



The above mail is a perfect example of a short and precise pitch.

Emotional Appeal:

Emotional Appeal is the best marketing techniques that you should include in your sales pitch. In fact, Research Shows the Most Effective Advertising Focuses on Emotion. 

You can focus on their emotion like fear, anger, pride and customize your pitch accordingly to create more impact on customer’s mind.

Keep it conversational, not formal:

If you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes you have to act like them as well as talk like them. 

Instead of using technical terms or industrial words try to pitch in a friendly way to connect more with them. 

Because if customers feel connection than there are chances of conversion.

Delivering the pitch confidently:

To make a successful sale and build a healthy relationship work on your body language and how you communicate along with content. 

If the customer feels you are confident then they believe more. 

Before pitching or selling make sure you know your product well so that you clear out all the doubts and queries of customers related to your product.