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7 Time Management Tips for Achieving Your Goals

  1. ORGANIZE YOUR TASKS IN ADVANCE: One of the worst done once can do, directly jumping into workday without planning.
    Prioritizing the essential to-do list of the day will prove the most productive part of the day.

Make a note of each task at one place.


Spend 5 minutes before going to bed for writing your to-do list for the next day. Planning your work will help you in achieving your goals and also you’ll be better prepared mentally for the challenges ahead before waking up, and there won’t be any room for procrastination in the morning.

Know your personal and professional priorities and plan your priorities accordingly.

To work faster and earlier, spend a few minutes to write down everything so that you know your next day routine.

3. REMOVE THE UNIMPORTANT (and focus on the important)

4. WORK ON 80/20 (the 20% tasks that make the most impact )

Do you ever feel challenged balancing your work and life?
Do you apply the 80–20 rule at work? But its impact can be felt in your workplace.

➡ Learn to say no, and put a price on your time.
➡ Go with your gut.
➡ Measure everything.

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While working, keep everything you need like water, pen, paper or laptop in one place.

Don’t hurt your productivity with distractions. Use these couple of hacks for eliminating distractions.

A. Turn off all notifications
B. Work with headphones
C. Avoid using the internet, if you don’t have any task related to it.
D. Don’t browse social media at work at all.
E. On chat, systems use “Do Not Disturb” functions.
F. If you have an office, shut the door
G. Batch all your phone calls at once.

It takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task after getting distracted.

6. GIVE A PLANNED BREAK (You can use the app to make a planned break)

Successful entrepreneurs work mainly “on” the business and less “in” the business. When you are knee-deep in your overlapping tasks, you often lose perspective on the purpose of these.

Take regular breaks between activities and align your progress with your targets. Go out and take a walk, get some fresh air and relax for a moment — this would also bring some creative ideas which you can implement in your work.

7. AUTOMATE (Use technology wherever you can )

Technology has finally reached a point where we can automate a lot of our daily operations. By automating a few of your tasks, you save hours per week. You can then use that time for Deep Work or taking breaks. Putting some of your daily tasks on autopilot is key to working smarter.

Use technology to automate daily repetitive tasks and use the newfound time to perform Deep Work or rest.